Bosco Verticale Apartment: interior design project  · 

Bosco Verticale Apartment: interior design project

Federico Spagnulo and his consolidated team of professionals have created an interior design project in the renowned Milan building “Bosco Verticale”, showcasing an evident flair for the harmonious interaction between modernity and nature.

The materials forge a touch-sensitive  and “natural” perception to the space, thanks to the textures of the stone, the brushing and the grain of the wood, the material of the chairs, the fabrics and the rugs (Altai) which hark back to the tradition of weaving textures of a bygone era.

All this equilibrizes into an extremely contemporary and radical project in its construction lines.

All the bespoke, made to measure furniture such as the large bookcase in the living area, the white wainscoting which hides the pillars, the wardrobes in the master bedroom, show, albeit in a unique way, the same readiness to design with a flair for simplicity in a material yet logical and contemporary world.

Particular attention has been given to the kitchen, which has its own perfect space in the living area

Conceived more as a sculptural accent rather than a functional accessory. It connects three very different materials thanks to the strong dynamism of the lines and the inter-slotting tops. The dark Corian of the kitchen counter is the semi-glossy base of an engraved stone slab (Pietra d’Avola “Raw” by Salvatori), on which a bronzed brass support surface and a coarse -grained oak table- cum-countertop are inserted.  

The complexity of the materials, the dynamism of interlocking connectors, the simplicity of the lines and volumes. In this simple combination of apparently different themes lies the main personality of this interior design project.

Type of Project: Luxury apartment
Size Data: 220 sqm
Special Features: Fit Out and FF&E, custom made project furnishing, lighting design
Services: Turnkey Interior design project
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