Product Design

This design area enclosed experimental and innovative aspects for Spagnulo & Partners, always careful to the contemporary avant-garde of product design.

In addition to customized objects and furniture in almost every interior project made by the Studio, Spagnulo & Partners offers a cross approach to product design. An experimental dialogue made by cultural contexts different from the design itself.

One example is the contamination of artistic languages ​​expressed in the new design collection of copper’s fabrics called Spartito and made for SoFarSoNear with the collaboration of contemporary classical music composer and pianist Daniele Lombardi.

It all started with the idea that a product design should no longer be linked only to the functional solutions and to the seduction of style, but more deeply, it could be the link between the man and his emotions. For this reason, the interdisciplinary approach to the project directly involved artists and musicians. Thanks to the evocative power of their work, they can promote the ideal combination between culture – the one for the few – and decoration – the ones for many – without trivialized any aspects.

The same philosophy defines the Food Moving project, a food concept made in collaboration with Matteo Torretta, chef of Asola restaurant in Milan. An innovative dish that combines food and design, a journey of taste that explores the physical movement of flavours, long and through architecture.

When creative forces belonging to different languages ​​and disciplines meet and are forced to talk, the atmosphere emanates a powerful energy, a desire to contamination and cross-disciplinary research that together produce fertile anomalies and unexpected interference. New forms of expression, new solutions, new ideas.