Spagnulo & Partners operates mainly in luxury hotels classified with four and five stars. Thanks to the strong propensity and abroad experience, the Studio has achieved the highest standards recognized all over the world. Stage, timing, mode and the research of materials are fundamental aspects in the design of a luxury hotel. Without this set of skills is not possible to present a tailored approach in the design projects.

Moreover, drawing a space means to understand where it is located. Thanks to that strong awareness, Spagnulo & Partners has signed international collaborations over the years, putting the Italian know-how in touch with countries like India, United States, France, Morocco, Dubai and Russia; reaching top partnerships with Four Seasons, Kempinski and Baglioni Hotels.

The culture of a place is the main focus of a project, interpreted as the opportunity for questioning certainties and cultural dogmas that accompanying knowledge. To know and to discover the places that will house projects means giving back cultural awareness and sense to forms and materials chosen.
In this way, the style concept – interpreted as a unifying system – comes into question. Every project becomes immediately different from others by the need to elaborate the peculiarities of a place.

From this point of view, the choices will be sometimes direct, sometimes symbolic. In St. Mortitz, the Kempinski Residences is one of the recent luxurious interiors projects.

The five star property is part of the Kempinski Hotel next to the wonderful Baglioni Resort of Marrakech, located inside thirteen hectares of park. The project – one of the most exclusive ever conceived – reinforces a decade of collaboration between Spagnulo & Partners and the Baglioni Hotels Group and joins the accommodations signed in Rome, Venice, Milan and London.

Another important developing project in Marrakech is expecting the realization of about 350 luxury apartments managed by Four Seasons (Four Seasons Residence – Mavenue) and Rotana – Arjan.