“Places and materials always represent the starting point. Traditions and customer’s tastes and wishes are the finishing line. Thanks to this approach, the style is shared on each new project, changing every time in a unique and custom made experience.”

Architecture and Interior Design firm, Spagnulo & Partners has been founded in Milan by Federico Spagnulo with the collaboration
of Alessandra Carbone and Andrea Spagnulo and it now has a staff
of 15 people, including employees and associates.

Italian luxury interior
design studio

Great emphasis is placed on using Italy’s world-renowned strengths in high quality interior craftsmanship, providing the necessary continuity between the project and its realization, as well as defining the distinctive way of doing “Italian Interiors”.

Despite its knowledge and experience covering the whole world of Architecture and Design, Spagnulo & Partners is particularly focused on Interior Design projects for luxury mansions and hotels, both in Italy and abroad.

Even if the background and the professional activity considers architecture and design at its fullest, Spagnulo & Partners paid in the last years a special attention to interior design projects, mostly for luxury residential and hotels, both in Italy and abroad. It was this proper aptitude and sensibility for this part of design activity to give to Spagnulo & Partners the opportunity to have a lead role in important international projects in Dubai, Cap d’Antibes, Cannes, Miami, Casablanca, Marrakech, Mumbai, St. Moritz, Moscow.

Between modernity
& tradition

In addition, Spagnulo & Partners has been responsible for all the interior design projects for Baglioni Hotels group, both in Italy and abroad. A special attention to details and a constant relation between modernity and tradition are the recurring elements in all Spagnulo & Partners projects.

Thanks to this approach, the meaning of style is always interpreted in a new project, becoming a unique tailor made experience.