The world of restaurants and catering has experienced a number of great changes and developments in recent years, particularly at the high end of the gastronomy spectrum. Spagnulo & Partners has been able to relate to this change in a transversal and highly effective way. Driven by a passion and a love for tradition we have dealt with some of the great classics of the Italian gastronomical tradition, such as Giannino, the oldest and most renowned restaurant in Milan. 

With a truly versatile spirit we have collaborated with food design projects with some of the most famous Milanese chefs including: Matteo Torretta, Ristorante Asola, Marco Ambrosino, 28 Posti, Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini,  Aimo e Nadia. 

Thanks to our consolidated know-how and culture of the project we developed a great number of Food & Beverage  areas throughout the world for the hotels we design. These 360° visions make us distinguished interpreters of this specific design discipline.