The opportunity to work in different countries and with a melting pot of cultures has allowed us to get to know and  to spend time with people who interpret the world of design with our very same passion.

It therefore seemed natural for us to have collaborative relationships with professionals and firms specialized in the different disciplines of architecture, design, graphics so as to harmoniously integrate our architecture and interior design know-how with other expertise and professional skills. 

We wholeheartedly believe that in order to provide our client with a first rate consultancy service, it  is simply  not enough or even plausible to be knowledgeable in all the project’s disciplines. We therefore prefer to be part of a network of  professional specialists and dreamers, who, each one in their own field, know how to provide the best service. 

Design International

Design International was founded in 1965 in Toronto, Canada. With truly innovative design becoming the brand’s identity, the practice quickly found its footing in the arena of architecture and has since spread its wings across the globe with headquarters in London, and offices in Milan, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Tracing an upward graph in over five decades of architectural exploration – today, projects flourish in 45 countries, spanning across the sectors of Retail & Leisure, Mixed-Use, Hospitality & Living, and Offices. The company has pioneered many design features that have since become industry benchmarks. These include the use of glazed roofs to create covered “streets” that are flooded with daylight (Bugis Junction, Singapore) and creating malls that interlaced retail and entertainment in the same space. The Morocco Mall in Casablanca, which challenged conventions by placing the retail anchors at the centre of the mall and Il Centro in Arese, Italy, with its reimagining of the market square to attract and engage visitors, were designs that pushed the boundaries of retail architecture.

Driven by its strength in teaming passionate architects who create stories of breathing spaces that bring and bond people, they also invest a strong belief in working towards a circular economy where sustainability is embraced – each of their chosen projects reflects this too. With over 10 million sqm of built architecture, Design International is constantly evolving to the demands of time, countries and communities. Current involvements include a host of projects in Europe, India and the Middle East, as well as innovative mixed-use developments in China and residential engagements in the United States.

The DI Foundation echoes the company’s commitment to creating spaces in conjunction with sustainable and circular values while communicating its intrinsic need to associate with projects representative of a greener frontier in architecture. This initiative fosters the DI Campus, a platform where these connected minds help to build a brighter future, imparting their rich experience with the next generation of designers, and promoting an inspiring exchange of ideas.

LC & Partners
Engineering Consultants

LC&Partners Project Management and Engineering nowadays are an international multidisciplinary Construction Project Management and Integrated Engineering Consultancy Firm. Originally established under the commercial name “SCF Engineering” in 2004 in Verona, Italy, as a local civil engineering consultancy firm, through the years the company has grown significantly developing a number of projects in the domestic market predominantly in the transport infrastructures and buildings sector, establishing a recognized standard of quality and reliability among Clients, Partners and Competitors.

International operations started in 2007, with main focus on the Middle East Region, where a first subsidiary was established in Abu Dhabi in 2009 and a second one in Dubai in 2011. Progressive expansion followed with various projects across several GCC and African Countries. In 2015 the company was rebranded into “LC&Partners Project Management and Engineering” and underwent a substantial reorganization with main focus on Portfolio, Programme and Construction Project Management, in view of a significant boost to the international development with the opening of new representative/project-dedicated offices in Muscat, Riyadh, Tehran, London and Kampala.

Our future is now global.

Since the firm’s establishment more than 250 projects have been successfully developed in as many as 20 different countries for over 150 clients. LC&Partners Engineering Consultants over the years have employed more than 100 employees and consultants from 10 different nationalities, speaking 9 different languages.

LC&Partners Project Management and Engineering have been involved in projects involving more than 5’000 km of new roads and highways, airport facilities catering for more than 250 Mln pax/year, 500 km of railway and metro lines, private and public buildings exceeding 1 Mln square meters, providing design and project management services in various technical roles.

After restructuring in 2015, LC&Partners Project Management and Engineering have been substantially growing in 2016, with revenues from international projects constituting more than 90% of the total LC & Partners Group revenues.

The Chic Fish

With over 15 years of experience, The Chic Fish offers proficiency in various disciplines, including branding, graphic & editorial design as well as set design, packaging and signage, to name a few.

Curiosity is their fuel to creativity: they aim to extend their understanding of a project by acquiring personal knowledge through research and exploration that goes from case studies and moves towards local trends and cultural references. The Chic Fish direct and overview each project from its first meeting to its execution of the deliverables. They believe in an open way of working and collaborate with a network of partners who help them develop each project at best by contributing their ideas and skills.