Villas & Apartments

Spagnulo & Partners has been involved in residential design projects since its foundation. First in Italy and later extending its expertise abroad. The Studio managed the construction of large villas and private apartments with a responsibility not only focused on the interior but also to the architecture planning.

In these areas, Spagnulo & Partners attributes a fundamental role in the research of comfort and individual wellness so that each corner of the house has its own aesthetic and functional value.

Next to a careful analysis of the structure – taking care of the expressive needs of the customer – the design focuses on the private spaces such as bathrooms and walk-in closets previously considered as corners of service. Attention to detail is necessary to make them more important and welcoming environments through a particular refinement of the materials.

Following that way, these places change their sign: the bathroom takes the form of a mini SPA and walk-in closets appear as small boutiques. Spagnulo & Partners knows that the individual wellness is totally revealed in these perimeters.

This new ideal of individual wellness requests the effective learning of places and, in particular, a deep knowledge of the custom-made design,a tailored architecture, suitable for any need.