La Vela Restaurant & SPA: Luxury wellbeing  · 

La Vela Restaurant & SPA: Luxury wellbeing

Federico Spagnulo and his team signed a luxury Spa design project in a structure called La Vela in Punta Ala.

It was originally a bar/restaurant built in front of the beach in 1960 by architect Walter Di Salvo. In those years, the reinforced concrete was experimented in its plastic attitudes and the original building is a hymn to this dynamism with its spiral shape and the large window overlooking the sea.

In this context, Federico Spagnulo and his team signs the project design for a luxury Spa and Fitness center of 330 square meters on the ground floor. But also a restaurant and a bar with a terrace of about 360 square meters on the first floor; Beach Club and outdoor bar exposed to the beach; a circular plaza’s entrance and a large park with pine forest surrounding the building.

Rather than building and adding, the project prefers to accelerate and to intensify what already exists. So as for the avant-garde constructivist of the beginning of the century, the signs and forms are generated from the fast movement of surfaces instead volume’s manipulation. The same sense is in the sail, flowed above by the wind that gives shape and energy. That detail is the protagonist of the large terrace composed of real sails supported by inclined bars of steel and a winding system.

Even the interior design follows the same guidelines of external interventions. The large reinforced concrete’s cover seems to wind itself up to the high glass wall overlooking the terrace and the sea. A Murano chandelier in white glass floats to eight meters height.

On the ground floor, the Spa and the fitness area respect the curves of the architecture and the primary signs of the project.
The materials are neutral and primary as steel, stone, wood, glass, concrete, sails. The colors of architecture are also voted to essentials like gray, black and white.

Type of Project: Beach Club
Size Data: 965 sqm
Special Features: Restaurant, spa, fitness
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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Photos: © Marco Beck Peccoz
Punta Ala La Vela