Villa Gallici Aix-En-Provence: interior design project  · 

Villa Gallici Aix-En-Provence: interior design project

Villa Gallici,  a converted 18th century Provençal villa, just a stone’s throw away from Aix-en-Provence,  is a Relais Château managed by the Italian Baglioni Hotels chain. The Milan based architecture and interior design studio Spagnulo&Partners, with a record of highly successful hospitality projects for prestigious clients including Baglioni Hotels under its belt, was commissioned to carry out the location’s expansion project and to design the interiors of the hotel’s new areas.
The project involved the construction and creation of an outdoor pool, a spa and a wine cellar for fine wine tasting.

The small, quintessential Hotel Villa Gallici (20 rooms), Relais Château in Aix en Provence, is a magnificent converted 18th century Provençal villa, and has maintained a great number of its original features thanks to this preservative restoration project. It was named the best hotel in France in 2014 and today is one of the most exclusive locations in the region, a location that the interior design project by Spagnulo&Partners has masterfully enhanced starting from the underlying historical value of the villa.

Words echoed by Matteo de Bartolomeis in presenting the work carried out by  Spagnulo&Partners in the publication IFDM dated Spring/Summer 2016

“The designers started from the existing building and the relationship it has with the rich, lush well-kept garden that surrounds the property. Transforming the geographical boundaries between the old and the new into synergies was the main objective, the choice of shapes and forms, materials and their arrangement in the different areas were the cornerstones of this project.
A perfectly harmonious and attentive integration of the environments and the rich century long history that Villa Gallici encloses within its walls.

The design idea is developed around a concept of “circular well-being”, allowing guests to use a number of their different senses: the spa and the wine cellar combine two different philosophies of well-being, the mood created by Spagnulo&Partners brings these two souls together through refined and polished interior design choices, paying great attention to detail, indeed, even the smallest particular is not overlooked.
Soft, rounded shapes, refined materials, symbols within the interiors: winning features which lead to a warm and hospitable environment, going beyond the Provençal spirit in the traditional sense of the term and determines its own style and character.
Oak and natural stone dominate the rooms, the typical furnishings of the South of France, the musical notes engraved in the iron doors of the wine cellar represents an interior design touch that endorses a hybrid of styles combined with masterful measure and balance, a complex yet simple balance.”

Type of Project:  Luxury SPA | Private wine room
Size Data: 200 sqm
Special Features: High construction standard – FF&E and custom made furniture
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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Villa Gallici