Ristorante Giannino, Milan: Renovation Project  · 

Ristorante Giannino, Milan: Renovation Project

Nevertheless, Giannino restaurant has changed many times location and ownership, it represents a piece of Milan’s history, existing for 120 years.

An important restoration project has been handled in every detail by Spagnulo&Partners firm; a radical revision of previous image and fit out, giving back to the restaurant the importance of its tradition.

It’s precisely this intimate relationship with history that suggested the design approach, beginning with some classical icons of fine dining restaurants, it defines a contemporary setting, closely connected to the city of which, during the years, it became a hospitality symbol.

A sort of stylistic path among places and significant period that, in some case, gave birth to real quotes.

In this way the classical “Daniela” walnut boiserie becomes more actual by using frames and geometrical reliefs twisted with brushed brass profiles.

Wall’s fabrics symbolise differently in every room the same origin from early century’s geometric pattern, mixing and renovating their selves thanks to panels and walls’ partition accordingly with neoplastic De Stijl tradition.

The huge portals that frame the walls in the different rooms, recall the proportion and the monumentality of Via Vittor Pisani porch, just where Giannino is located.

The first room’s wall decoration becomes the balustrade of the mezzanine and its will is to suggest Villa Necchi’s big staircase.

Wall’s lightings and the chandeliers are designed by the studio and realised by LuceTu; they illustrate through their material, brass and glass, the unworldly lightness and the musical cadence of the space, typical of Fausto Melotti’s sculptures.

This complex experience gives back worth to the provenance theme, that becomes fundamental element for the definition of a fresh and up-to-date project.

Type of Project: Luxury Restaurant
Size Data: 300 sqm
Special Features: Fit Out and FF&E, custom-made furnishing, lighting design
Services: Turnkey Interior design project
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Photos: © Giorgio Baroni