Le Provençal Juan Les Pins: interior design project  · 

Le Provençal Juan Les Pins: interior design project

The Italian luxury of Federico Spagnulo and his team lands at Le Provencal in the French Riviera, giving birth to one of the most prestigious interior design projects for the luxury hotels of the French coast.

Le Provencal, in Juan les Pins, Cap d’Antibes, is known for being the most important and prestigious Luxury Hotel on the French Riviera since the Thirties until its closure in the Seventies. Opened in 1927, Le Provencal proved very quickly to be, along with the Casino, the engine of Juan les Pins. The place became very well known in the international scene thanks to the prestigious attendees of that period: Titta Ruffo, Norma Talmadge, Libby Holman, Baron Maurice de Rothschild, the boxing champion Georges Carpentier or the tennis player Suzanne Lenglen, not forgetting Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

Acquired in 2008 by the British family Dennis, the most important investors in the project of the Docks of London, Le Provencal has been transformed into a luxury residences through a project that involved the whole property: 60 apartments between 80 and 700 square meters, with details and finishes of the highest quality. Federico Spagnulo and his team oversaw the interior design of the luxury hotel, defining through a diversified and changing stylistic approach, a new luxury icon in the French Riviera.

Type of Project: Marketing Suite | Luxury serviced apartments
Size Data: 2.000 sqm | 15.000 | 60 apartments
Special Features: Bar, conference hall, mock up aparts, conference hall, golf club, tennis club, private beach
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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