Baglioni Hotel Luna: interior design project  · 

Baglioni Hotel Luna: interior design project

Following an interior design restyling project which included the San Giorgio Suite and a number of the more prestigious rooms in Baglioni Hotel Luna Venezia, a new renovation project has now been complemented by Spagnulo&Partners with the refurbishment of the public areas situated on the ground floor, the Entrance and Reception area, the Bar, Restaurant and Lobby area as well as the spa located on the first floor.

The building is steeped in rich history and boasts a centuries-old tradition of hospitality: it is the oldest hotel in Venice and as early as the XII century the building was home to a Knights Templar hostel. During the 1700’s the building forged the predominant character it still enjoys today and which is fully reflected in the Marco Polo Salone, frescoed by the scholars of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

The rich history of the building together with the eclectic tradition of the city guided the creative direction of the project.

The great commercial verve and consequently the centuries-old tendency to exchange and transform cultural influences coming mainly from the east, have contributed to making Venice a “proto-eclectic” place so to speak. Its absolute uniqueness lies in its ability to adopt decorative and stylistic elements from different cultural traditions to create a new style. (The word eclectic comes from the Greek word eklèghein which means to select). For this reason the materials, the decorative references, the fabrics and the lights used throughout the project belong to different traditions, and together  expertly reflect the past and the modern day.

The entrance area and the large double-height room (la Sala del Camino), the flooring inlaid with Red Verona, Yellow Siena and peach blossom marble, the large antique Murano chandeliers and the Venetian stuccoes on the walls all sit harmoniously with the contemporary fixed and mobile furniture which has been custom designed by Spagnulo&Partners. The new linear and dynamic reception desk, with its flat surfaces and portals in burnished brass on an Istrian stone base (just as the bases of the existing columns) and the contemporary fabrics on the back wall (Rubelli e Dedar); the centrally positioned Bar counter, with burnished brass shelves which dynamically embrace an oval volume of copper; the bent wooden tables, which are painted in black with a silk-like effect and their burnished brass inserts; the armchairs (designed ad hoc by the studio and which will become a collection), are made on a round base with an enveloping backrest and upholstered with two classic, traditional Venetian Rubelli fabrics; lthe wine cabinets which divide the space are in glass and burnished brass.

The new restaurant, managed by the Michelin starred chef Claudio Sadler, and the Lobby area are located on the opposite sides of the entrance and reflect the original elements of the historic building and yet have a pronounced contemporary flair as seen in a number of details: alongside the original wainscoted wall and the Venetian fabric by Rubelli there is a large contemporary glass wall which opens onto the kitchen.

A brand new spa, created in the formerly assigned office space located on the first floor, also reflects a Venetian inspired style, enriched with classic fabric panels, bronzed glass inserts and tinted glass mosaics.

Type of project: 5 Stars Luxury Hotel | Member Of Leading Hotels Of The World
Size data: 90 keys
Special features: Fit Out and FF&E, Custom-made furnishing, Lighting design
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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