Spartito Copper Fabric Collection  · 

Spartito Copper Fabric Collection

Federico Spagnulo and his team experiments the contamination between music and design in the new copper fabric collection for SoFarSoNear

Federico Spagnulo and his team designed a new fabric collection along with the composer and pianist Daniele Lombardi, one of the best known Italian musician of Contemporary Classical Music.

The project considered the design product not just dedicated to solve functional reasons, but as a vehicle between human being and its emotions.

That is why Federico Spagnulo and his team, decided to realize an inter-disciplinary experience involving directly artists and musicians to the project process. This new attitude to the industrial design it is an opportunity to match the elitist culture with the interior decoration, without any overlap and respecting mutual identities.

So is borned a fabric, which has a great technical innovation developed by the producer SoFarSoNear (the main material is copper like the strings of pianos and violins), which tells the music of a great composer, and used to decorate interior spaces.

Type of Project: Copper fabric collection
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