Apartment with terrace Milan: luxury interior design project  · 

Apartment with terrace Milan: luxury interior design project

A splendid home extending over 400 square meters with a large terrace right in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Duse. The building, designed in 1934 by the architect Gigiotti Zanini, who was part of the Novecento Italian movement together with Mario Sironi, Margherita Sarfatti, Achille Funi and Gian Emilio Malerba, is one of his most successful works.

The main characteristic of this project is the dialogue with the existing unique architectural features, such as the wonderful terrazzo floors. Words which echo those of Giovanni Audiffredi written in 2015 in the magazine AD, in an article dedicated to this project . “…We are talking about a truly splendid Venetian terrazzo floor, by its very own nature a unique piece, because it is made at the point of installation, with an amalgamation of marble granules, glass, cocciopesto, together with a lime binder […] The home then lives on fostering memory. And any  architectural intervention has drawn inspiration from it, resisting, however, the temptation to simply take this invaluable initial identity for granted. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the interventions are designedly clear and visible to the eye. An example is the master bedroom, where three previously separate areas- the walk-in closet, the bedroom and the bathroom- have been connected, to create a single, welcoming space sectioned through a luxurious work of wainscoting that wraps itself around closets and the ceiling, covering the bed, like a contemporary canopy, with chromed reflections. Now the bathroom is open-plan. And the wainscoting continues, but forging a warming effect of the chestnut parquet, another original feature of the house. The interior design project is completed by the choice of its impressive chandeliers: from the bulles chandeliers designed by Reflex to the cult pieces by Giogali, in Murano glass and designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. A highly complementary response which reflects the continuous communication with the floors.”  

Type of Project: Luxury Apartment refurbishment
Size Data: 400 sqm – 150 sqm terrace
Special Features: FF&E, custom made furnishing, lighting design.
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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