Carlton Hotel Baglioni Milan: interior design project  · 

Carlton Hotel Baglioni Milan: interior design project

At the Baglioni Hotel Carlton luxury has a new role: the “project tailored” of Federico Spagnulo and his team.

Eugenio Rigo, very recently appointed director of the Baglioni Hotel Carlton, is adamant: impossible to wrest the names of the distinguished guests who regularly attend The Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan.

The excellence of the services offered by this hotel, along with its strategic location in the heart of the fashion district and the most important city hubs, make the Carlton one of the structures favourite by many tourists, but it is its attention to privacy to have gained the trust of major international personalities, from the world of finance to that of music and fashion. The Guest Book at the Carlton and at the whole Baglioni Hotel group really has few equals.

The attention to the individual and the profound respect for its needs, typical of Baglioni Hotels Group, goes perfectly with the projects luxury “tailored” of Federico Spagnulo and his team, who was in charge to redesign many areas of the Hotel.

The design of public spaces and private, for Federico Spagnulo and his team is always tailored of the individual, of its needs and aspirations. The well-being of man, his feel good, it becomes key point for each thought and, this design philosophy takes shape in the rooms at the Baglioni Hotel Carlton unequivocally: the spaces par excellence of private, bathrooms and walk-in closets, becomes the object of highest attention.

The goal is to make these spaces as much as possible similar to private spa and boutiques, because it is in the use of time and space for themselves which includes a new desire for well-being. Well-being to which you do not want to give up during own travels, that they are for leisure or business, reason why in the bathrooms of the rooms that have just been refurbished by Federico Spagnulo and his team, the attention to this detail is maximum, giving special emphasis, for example, at the large shower or the soft lighting in order to enjoy a moment of luxurious relax.
The design of a space, therefore, is more luxury oriented, the more it proves able to listen to the needs and aspirations of those who live it.

Federico Spagnulo and his team projects provide a “dialogue” between individual and place, and between the latter and the context in which the project is located, creating an exchange of synergies and incentives that define a truly innovative Luxury.

Type of Project: 5 Stars Boutique Hotel
Size Data: 6.800 sqm | 90 keys
Special Features: Restaurant, spa, penthouse suite, business floor.
Services: Turnkey interior design project
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